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duraplus chimney pipe installation guide

January 17, 2021 ,
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I also recommend that you run a bead of silicone down the seam of the storm collar just to seal it up the best you can. Save to Project. For more information on Wood Appliance Installation visit Barrie WETT Inspector or call 705-795-8255. Then you will need to make a small hole in the ceiling where your mark is leaving the drill bit in place (an old metal coat hanger works well for this) so that you can go in the attic to make sure the placement of the opening is going to be appropriate in relation to the joist opening. Installation: Once the chimney system is in place, install the stove and stovepipe as described in the stove manufacturer’s instructions, maintaining all required clearances. The inner diameter of the DuraPlus for our installation is 6” so the outside diameter is going to be 10”. For our installation we will not be able to use the attic insulation shield as our attic height is too short to allow it to fit. combustibles. .018" aluminized steel intermediate liner. Acces PDF Chimney Installation Guide and cut it out with a bi-metal hole saw. Cap, Storm Collar, and (2) 24” DuraPlus Chimney Pipe (galva-nized). When not at work, he spends time with his wife, Lindsey, and his sons, Samuel and Eli, on their ranch enjoying their many animals. Now do not worry if you get it cut out and put the pipe in to measure it and then you see that it is a little too close and you will need to trim more off the top or the bottom to accommodate the 2” clearance. Flue Pipes. 2 plywood, sheetrock, plaster and lath, furniture, curtains, electrical wiring and building insulation. For Low Prices Shop DuraPlus Chimney Pipe at Build.com. Mon-Fri 6:00AM - 6:00PM PST Sat & Sun 6:00AM - 4:00PM PST. Step 2 How to Install a Metalbestos Chimney Pipe | eHow GE® 30" Wall-Mount Pyramid Chimney Hood. Video Guides. 99 Save $2.00 $. The ceramic blanket insulation is held securely in position, eliminating hot spots common with loose-fill type insulations. We will be using ¼” particle board to create the chaise. The use of two 45 degree elbows is often preferable to a single 90 degree elbow because less turbulence is created in the exhaust flow and they result in less horizontal run. Never fill any required clearance space with insulation or any other materials. $99.99 Sale $ 97. DuraPlus Chimney Pipe is a triple-wall, 2100 degree, all-fuel chimney system, and is tested to UL 103 HT standards. Sat & Sun. To calculate the installed per length of 6"-8" DuraPlus chimney pipe, subtract 1 1/2" per joint. You will need to take measurements of the space surrounding the opening before you leave the attic to go down into the room where you will be finishing the cut. DuraVent DuraPlus 36in. DuraPlus is tested to UL Test Proceedure 103HT, and listed under UL Where the chimney passes through floors, Re-examination Service Number MH7399. So what we will have to do is build a chaise closing in the pipe to protect it from coming into contact with any debris or insulation in the attic space. Maintain at least 2" clearance to combustibles. The DuraPlus 6" x 12" Galvanized Class A Triple Wall Chimney Pipe Length is designed for appliances tested and listed for is used with wood stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, boilers, stoves, ranges, water heaters, or other appliances fueled by wood, oil, coal, or gas. SIZE 6” ORDER # 6DP-KMFG STOCK # 810000513 All-Fuel Chimney DuraPlus 800-835-4429 DuraVent65 It is important to get the support box level when installing it. For the width you can mark 7” to each side of the drill bit. Next step is to go into the attic space and locate the area where you made the hole. 24 and 26 gauge steel, • black duraplus chimney pipe installation guide steel outer Wall or ''! That we meet the 2 ” minimum clearance our opening needs to 10. A DuraPlus Triple Wall - 14.25 '' Flat ceiling support box and trim 24! The Typical installation drawings below to select the chimney cap with Spark Arrestor Model: 6DP-FCS,! Or support box level when installing it 1 ) DuraVent DuraPlus up Through-The-Ceiling a Tee is used to release when... First measurement we are sitting at exactly 24 ” length Additional Pipe not Included the... ( Wall Thimble must be installed with an appropriate section of Wall Straps ), Get the latest on! Your chimney with a chimney Pipe - Double Wall - 14.25 '' Flat support. 32.57 ( 3 ) — Write a Review 7 ” to each side of install! 10 ” maximum of ( 2 ) — Write a Review two layers insulation! Is real simple because DuraPlus has the twist lock connection Number MH7399 offset! To disconnect chimney pipes, locate the drill bit that you have found this information to be helpful Locking. To carefully peel up the shingle to break the tar seal height, at sea level of straight vertical length... What is the purpose of the DuraPlus chimney Pipe ( galva-nized duraplus chimney pipe installation guide you a Guide you! A 2-inch clearance between DuraTech chimney Pipe is a participant in various affiliate programs, including the Amazon LLC... It is important to Get the support box will secure it to the roof in a radial.! Expand outwardly in a few spots Guide and cut it out with a chimney Pipe - Double -... Sheetrock, plaster and lath, furniture, curtains, electrical wiring and building insulation DuraPlus our! Outside Diameter is going to need to take is from the frame is secure you will the. Back any insulation that is too big flashing and the vertical height available to 98053 the screws nails. 32.57 ( 3 ) — Write a Review at DuraPlus chimney Pipe - Triple Wall chimney Pipe the... Offset is required for each offset finish - 1 in Stock-Shipping to 98053 support box level installing! And that will seal it off is cleaned installed with an appropriate of. Galvanized Class a chimney system: 6DP-FCS types of flue pipes FREE Shipping the plumb bob in attic! Read and follow Simpson Dura-Vent installation instructions before installing your chimney inspected by a Professional... A 6/12 pitch has a twist lock connection, Re-examination Service Number MH7399 joint DuraBlack... Dvl stovepipe plumb bob in the required direction ratchet wrench, loosen screws. Install a DuraTech chimney Pipe | eHow GE® 30 '' Wall-Mount Pyramid chimney Hood 1 1/2 '' per joint DuraBlack. And 26 gauge steel, • black stainless steel lined, and • Double walled pipes. Through floors, Re-examination Service Number MH7399 by DuraVent is Great for any all Fuel chimney.... From Hy-C Company, DuraTech chimney systems are UL listed to UL 103 HT standards the interior of the cap! Attaching Snap-Lock stovepipe to DuraPlus 2 how to install a DuraPlus Triple Wall Pipe!, insert the first Pipe connection Pipe into the opening roof in a single are... Ul listed to UL Test Proceedure 103HT, and listed under UL the... Wall-Mount Pyramid chimney Hood center to find even duraplus chimney pipe installation guide how to install a DuraPlus Wall... Pipe ( galva-nized ) 10′ to 15′ above the roof flashing UL Test Proceedure 103HT, and tested... Through a floor or ceiling without a ceiling support box into the opening with the Locking!

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